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    Flash Player update won't install

      When I turned the on computer on today, an Adobe Flash Player update was waiting for me. The download went fine, (I guess), but now I keep getting this error message:

      An error has occurred while downloading the installer. Please make sure you are connected to the internet and try again.

      Well, here I am, posting, obviously "connected", but, no matter how often I hit the "retry" button, nothing happens.

      Any ideas?

      Using Gateway, Windows XP, Firefox
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          Apparently the proper procedure for upgrading to the Adobe Flash Player 9 is to first completely uninstall the current player and do a fresh install of the new player, otherwise there could be problems.

          Also, you cannot really uninstall using the control panel because all of the files may not be deleted unless you are knowledgable enough to know that all programs which may be running flash player must all be completely shut down.

          I'm not sure why Adobe doesn't tell people this. I discovered it by accident myself. Here is the info I found at another source - the links provided, interestingly, are all from ADOBE!

          Apparently, it is not enough to apply a straight upgrade to Flash. You actually have to uninstall Flash in it's entirety, and then do a fresh Flash install. There's a specific program for this which can be downloaded from Adobe (the makers of Flash) at:

          Windows Uninstall File:

          To understand more about how to unistall your Flash Player and plugins read the following article:

          To check your version of Flash and get the latest and greatest Flash players, go to: