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    How would you compile different texture maps into one image?

    Easton777 Level 1



      I am not sure if this is a stupid question or not, it probably is, but I am still new to PS and I have only really used 3d texturing software.


      If I have different textures that I want to add to say a model of a road, and I have different asphalt or concrete textures, but for those textures I don't just have albedo or diffuse but I also have normal maps and roughness maps to give the textures extra realism, how would these be added to the road with all 3-5 maps that come with the texture?



      Above are different types of the maps for one concrete material, the albedo would just be the color of the texture but I would like to texture a road with more than just the albedo, id like to have about 4 of the maps overlaid on top of one another then use that to texture it, I am just not sure how to do it.




      Edit: Actually, I just added each map individually as layers, I guess I would save the final material out that way