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    Opening URLs in same window?

    Mr. Aztek
      I'm working with a client who's insisting that when a link is clicked from the Flash file open into a new window, and that every subsequent link from the originating Flash file open in that exact same window; in other words no multiple popups. Aside from making the target "_parent" for each link, is there a way to target that specific window created by the getURL method? I spoke to one of our Web Managers and she told me about how it was done in HTML:

      "To open a new window that will be replaced when you click links, you basically need to point the href tag to a DSC with a specific name. What it’s called doesn’t matter, just that it’s likely there won’t be another window with that name open. Assuming we call it “DSC1” the syntax would be <a href=”www.whateverlink.com” target=”_DSC1”>. On the first click, windows will look for an open window named DSC1, and if it can’t find it open a new window (similar to if you’d simply put “_blank”); On subsequent link clicks windows would be able to find DSC1 open in a new browser, so [it] would just refresh the information in that open browser."

      She admits to now knowing how it's done in ActionScript but has been very helpful thus far, and I'm wondering if there was a simple way to do this (without the use of an external Javascript or XML file as our CMS has a nasty habit of stripping out external scripting files)? If my only choice is to open it in "_parent" in each link, that's fine, I just want to be able to report back to my contact that it is not currently feasible. Thanks!