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    Photos and folders of past Imports not shown on new PC




      my old PC on which I was using Lightroom CC (at my working-place) was changed. Lightroom CC was installed there.

      Now Lightroom seems to be "virgin". Not one of my in the past imported and processed or finished photos or theyr folders could be shown or found. Every adjustment I've made seem to be lost.

      I tryed to open my Lightroom Catalog. But this didn't help. Lightroom tells, the Catalog is found. But still nothing could be displayed.


      This Problem is not new to me. In privat two PC's crashed and after installing Lightroom I had to import every photo again. All my processin was lost than.

      Because I don't want to have this problem again, I ask here.


      Could anybody help?


      Thank you very much.


      Regards, Claudia