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    LR Classic 7.3 - Presets Alphabetical/Numeric Sort Order


      I have just updated LR Classic to the latest version of 7.3.


      Upon initial startup it said it had converted my Develop Presets to XMP, as it apparently should.


      Now my neatly ordered presets do not list in the correct order when viewed in the Develop module.


      My presets group was called *** Tony Presets ***, so it would be at the top of the list - in isn't any more, there are a load of new Adobe presets above them.


      My presets were named along the lines of:

      000 |  Reset Basic

      001 |  WB - As Shot

      001 |  WB - Auto

      011 |  Exposure +0.5

      011 |  Exposure +1

      ... ... ...

      and so on in numeric order.

      ... ... ...

      But now the list order continues further down











      ... ... ...

      There's no apparent logic to it anymore.


      When the preset files are viewed in the Finder they are ordered correctly (as before).


      This is on a Mac running macOS 10.12.6.


      Does anyone have any idea how I can reorder my Develop Presets back into a logical order? My workflow is now somewhat messed up at the moment.


      Many thanks in advance for any help, guidence, insight, sympathy. :-)




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          rob-sylvan Level 2

          Yeah, the same thing happened to me. I found a way that sort of works around the change, but it does involve some manual labor.


          If you right-click a preset you'll see a contextual menu appear, and one of the options is to Add to Favorites. When you add a preset to Favorites a Favorites group appears at the very top of the panel, and the preset you added appears there. I went through and added all of my favorite presets.


          Now, they didn't automatically sort alphanumerically based on existing names, but I found that if I renamed each profile to remove the leading non-alpha character (in my case a number), and then renamed a second time to add the number back, the preset would sort correctly within the Favorites folder.


          Once I was done I ended up with all of my favorite presets back at the top of the list, and sorted the way I wanted them. Hope that helps.

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            Toggie101 Level 1

            Wow! That was a quick reply - many thanks.


            That sounds a reasonable solution (if a tad convoluted). I'll make a brew of coffee, put some soothing music on and sit down to a long session of Preset wrangling.


            I'll follow up if all goes well...or not.


            Thanks again.

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              Toggie101 Level 1

              Apologies to all for failing, in my haste, to fill out a useful subject heading. (Doh!)


              <Hangs head in shame>


              [Done - moderator]

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                Toggie101 Level 1



                Your advice was spot on - excellent!


                I only needed to laboriously Favourite > Rename > Re-rename, about half of my 40 or so presets to return order and logic to my list.


                However I noticed the renamed Presets had a different filename structure when viewed in the Finder...so I re-renamed the rest of them as it would undoubtedly cause me some unfathomable problem sometime in the future.


                Thanks again Rob, you are an absolute star.



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                  cjs849 Level 1

                  Yeah,  the sorting needs to return to pre-LR 7.3.  I have many presets of my own and others that I purchased,  that I can not find anymore.  The sort seems to be random.  Some coding jockey forgot to put the previous sorting back in after the module update.  My presets are in a real mess. and pretty much unusable and NOT PRETTY.  Adobe needs to FIX THIS.