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    Smart Collection Issue


      I recently noticed that I have photos showing up in a smart collection that are not part of that collection and do not want them to be a part of that collection.    The photos that are showing up are in an entirely separate collection not attached to the smart collection in question.  It does not appear to happen on other smart collections that I have created.  I recently updated Lightroom with the latest version, so I am wondering if this is a bug within that recent update because it wasn't doing this before that.


      Has anyone had this issue and how do I fix it?





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          rob-sylvan Level 2

          I would think there must be something in the rules for that smart collection that is making those photos appear within it. A smart collection is basically a saved search based on the rules you define. If a photo matches the rule, it appears, and if it doesn't match it doesn't appear.


          I'd check the rules for the smart collection and try to determine why those photos are matching that criteria. Then you can either change the criteria for the smart collection, or change something about those photos to cause them to no longer match the criteria. Hope that helps.

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            Padams123 Level 1



            My apologies!

            The issue I am having is NOT with a Smart Collection.  However a "Collection Set".


            I appreciate your quick response,



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              Padams123 Level 1



              I was able to figure it out.  I had a Smart Collection that was under the Collection Set.  I moved the entire Smart Collection out of that tree and whalaa...problem solved!


              I appreciate you at least pointing me in he right direction. It got me thinking about how my collections were arranged.  Took a bit of poking around, but finally found the culprit.





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                Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

                Right click on the image you don't want in whatever collection and select Remove from collection.


                All collection are just LISTS of image file. They are not IN that collection. Removing an image from a collection does not remove it from the catalog or from your hard drive.

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                  Padams123 Level 1

                  Thanks for the assistance.  However, that was not the issue.  The photos that were showing up in that collection set were not part of the collection set.  They were in a smart collection that was tied to the collection set.  What I had to do is move the smart collection.


                  Regards, phil