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    SAP GUI for Windows crashing in Adobe Acrobat DC (2015) 15.006.30417


      We are on SAPGUI 7.40 patch 16 Hotfix 1 but have been having this issue with previous versions of 7.40 also.  We've had this issue for a while and through working with SAP support and using the ADPlus utility we determined it is a problem associated with EScript.  The stack trace looks like:


      WARNING: Frame IP not in any known module. Following frames may be wrong.
      1356d9b8 5ea149a5 5ea149a9 5ea29770 00000000 0x1
      1356da30 626c3eb7 1356dbb8 7817a54b 00000001 Updater+0x49a5
      1356db6c 626c3d72 1356db8c 1356dbb8 7817a583 Acrobat+0x93eb7
      1356dba4 604f6ab7 6067c6d8 1356dbb8 10ca2cf8 Acrobat+0x93d72
      1356dbc4 62dc535f 103f72a0 7817a20f 0ab3aa70 EScript+0x46ab7
      1356dc28 62851e59 1356dca0 10e97bd0 7817a2a3 Acrobat+0x79535f
      1356dc84 626c3eb7 1356dca0 7817a3e7 1dee5ed8 Acrobat+0x221e59
      1356ddc0 626c3d72 1356dde0 00000000 7817a3df Acrobat+0x93eb7
      1356ddf8 62dc3717 638093c0 00000000 626c911e Acrobat+0x93d72
      1356de48 626c8a95 0000089e 7817a097 0000089e Acrobat+0x793717
      1356deb0 626c88cd 7817a0ff 6265e956 178269f0 Acrobat+0x98a95
      1356ded8 6265ede0 000004d3 00000000 00060848 Acrobat+0x988cd
      1356deec 7765e0bb 00060848 00000113 000004d3 Acrobat+0x2ede0
      1356df18 77668849 6265e956 00060848 00000113 user32!_InternalCallWinProc+0x2b
      1356df3c 7766b145 00000113 000004d3 00000000 user32!InternalCallWinProc+0x20
      1356e00c 776590dc 6265e956 00000000 00000113 user32!UserCallWinProcCheckWow+0x1be
      1356e078 77658c20 48c490d5 1356e314 6299b6d8 user32!DispatchMessageWorker+0x4ac
      1356e084 6299b6d8 1356e0b8 78179d33 00000000 user32!DispatchMessageW+0x10
      1356e314 6299b750 10b80618 1356e33c 62997391 Acrobat+0x36b6d8
      1356e320 62997391 00000001 107c3aa8 63924638 Acrobat+0x36b750
      1356e33c 629a11db 00000001 78179d53 107c3aa8 Acrobat+0x367391
      1356e374 629a1d4e 107c3aa8 78179d87 13c20001 Acrobat+0x3711db
      1356e3a0 629a0206 13c20001 63924638 0000283b Acrobat+0x371d4e
      1356e410 62883e6f 13c20001 63924638 0000283b Acrobat+0x370206
      1356e444 62887bfc 00000001 13c20001 10bef4e8 Acrobat+0x253e6f
      1356e4b0 6288cb36 1742c11c 1742c0e0 1356e5ac Acrobat+0x257bfc
      1356e4c0 6295cbd7 1742c11c 1742c0e0 636f1f7c Acrobat+0x25cb36
      1356e5ac 6295bb7a 10bef4e8 00000000 1356e610 Acrobat+0x32cbd7
      1356eb80 6295e471 10bef4e8 00000000 1356ec18 Acrobat+0x32bb7a
      1356ebb8 62db2ba0 10bef4e8 1356ec18 10bef4e8 Acrobat+0x32e471
      1356ebd4 62cf7da7 10bef4e8 1356ec18 7817921b Acrobat+0x782ba0
      1356ec3c 615d1c61 10bef4e8 e8f3efc2 10bef4e8 Acrobat+0x6c7da7
      1356ec7c 62cf4e0f 10bef4e8 17fed550 1356ec9c AcroForm+0x3f1c61
      1356ec8c 62d1afe0 10bef4e8 00000000 1356ecec Acrobat+0x6c4e0f
      1356ec9c 62ff5514 00000000 1100e84c 62d3cfc3 Acrobat+0x6eafe0
      1356ecec 62d3e830 1100e84c 00000000 78179317 Acrobat+0x9c5514
      1356ed30 62d4a49e 1100e84c 78179347 00000000 Acrobat+0x70e830
      1356ed60 6271f363 000003e3 1dd858a4 00000000 Acrobat+0x71a49e
      1356f018 62ff7244 000003e3 1109ab08 1dd858a4 Acrobat+0xef363
      1356f054 62f92c60 17eeb844 00000000 1109ab08 Acrobat+0x9c7244
      1356f0bc 62f927cf 17eeb844 78178f73 00000000 Acrobat+0x962c60
      1356f154 62d466ec 0000000b 0000000f 00000001 Acrobat+0x9627cf
      1356f1b8 62d4659f 0000000b 0000000f 00000001 Acrobat+0x7166ec
      1356f1fc 62d4c6d8 00000064 0000001a 00000001 Acrobat+0x71659f
      1356f228 626ad61a 00000001 001a0064 17475568 Acrobat+0x71c6d8
      1356f248 626ad217 00000201 00000001 001a0064 Acrobat+0x7d61a
      1356f264 7765e0bb 00060864 00000201 00000001 Acrobat+0x7d217
      1356f290 77668849 626ad17a 00060864 00000201 user32!_InternalCallWinProc+0x2b
      1356f2b4 7766b145 00000201 00000001 001a0064 user32!InternalCallWinProc+0x20
      1356f384 776590dc 626ad17a 00000000 00000201 user32!UserCallWinProcCheckWow+0x1be
      1356f3f0 77658c20 48c490d5 1356f470 626c82ad user32!DispatchMessageWorker+0x4ac
      1356f3fc 626c82ad 1356f420 78178a57 63e40f30 user32!DispatchMessageW+0x10
      1356f470 626c810c 78178a8f 63e40f30 174c0278 Acrobat+0x982ad
      1356f4a8 626592e9 78178b37 640a6ede 10392c20 Acrobat+0x9810c
      1356f510 626594a0 62630000 00000000 10392c20 Acrobat+0x292e9
      1356f530 6471779a 62630000 00000000 10392c20 Acrobat+0x294a0
      1356fcc8 77108654 1daa4daa 77108630 243b4376 AcroPDFImpl+0x3779a
      1356fcdc 77e34a77 1daa4daa 05b870c6 00000000 kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk+0x24
      1356fd24 77e34a47 ffffffff 77e59f16 00000000 ntdll!__RtlUserThreadStart+0x2f
      1356fd34 00000000 64717442 1daa4daa 00000000 ntdll!_RtlUserThreadStart+0x1b


      SYMBOL_NAME: Updater+49a5

      FOLLOWUP_NAME: MachineOwner

      MODULE_NAME: Updater

      IMAGE_NAME: Updater.api


      STACK_COMMAND: ~40s; .ecxr ; kb

      FAILURE_BUCKET_ID: SOFTWARE_NX_FAULT_c0000005_Updater.api!Unknown



      SAP says it is an Adobe issue - not SAP GUI.  Any ideas?


      Kind regards,