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    AE 15.0.1 broken Quicktime support?

    TataTymona Level 1


      Codecs list ?!!!! 15.0.0 vs 15.0.1 - both platforms (win/mac).




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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Assuming you are referring to today's release of 15.1 (not 15.0.1) then you are correct.  Adobe have dropped support for a large number of Quicktime 7 legacy codecs. 


          You can read more here:

          Dropped support for Quicktime 7 era formats and codecs

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            TataTymona Level 1




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              arforster Level 1

              Any specific reason for dropping the H.264 codecs? Myself and others at my studio are a little confused by the change and it appears to be a little hostile to the casual AE user base. We use Media Encoder often in our pipeline, but feel stripping the ability to export in these codecs straight from AE are a little excessive and adds another step to our review process, which to work properly needs an H.264.

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                matt@hive Level 1

                Absolutely RIDICULOUS!

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                  mcebrian71 Level 1

                  Hi. This list is not entirely accurate. I have Animation codec videos that won't link anymore or import. I just exported two DNxHD codec MOV files to try to "transcode to a current codec" and they also fail.

                  Interesting the work-around is suggested to "transcode" and yet, Adobe's own transcoding software no longer supports the files we need to convert to, forcing users to use another company's software to update the files. I'm using my Avid (which generated the files).


                  Update: I just discovered if you transcode a new file you CANNOT replace it. You must import from scratch and then replace it in your COMP. Otherwise, you will continually get the same error. The DNxHD codec does not work (DNx75 / DNx110 / DNx145) - you MUST use the DNxHR codec (SQ/HQ). Once I exported from Avid again with this codec, I could only fix my broken files by importing the elements brand new and replacing. Again, Relinking does not work.

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                    jackthegiantslayer Level 2

                    Why on EARTH remove H264 from the output options?!?!?!?!? We use this DAILY for posting to clients, as your crappy media encoder rarely can communicate successfully with After Effects.

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                      donbarrum Level 2

                      For real?!?!?!?!? I noticed the same problem. Why ditch all kinds of codecs that people have used for years? I understand you dont want to let people render this, but to actually remove the ability to import a file of which you have a codec installed on your system is just unheard of.  I have a full library of files that I use on a regular basis and now I cannot import them anymore. Thank you Adobe, once again AE it more broken on every release. This should be written in BIG RED LETTERS on the update.

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                        This is total ******** from Apple and Adobe. I guess Apple is now a Phone only company. They have pretty much given up on making computers.

                        H264 is the most useful of all the codec. WTF!!!?!?!??!

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                          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          H.264 is not the worst possible production codec, but it is close to the worst. H.264 support in Quicktime was dropped by Apple because an MP4 container is a better option, it never worked as well as it should in a QT container, and Apple discontinued development. It was actually a good business decision. H.264 in an MP4 is probably the most universally used format for distribution and it is probably the most cross-platform and device format we have now. The problem with rendering h.264 with the Output Module in AE is that the AE rendering pipeline processes one frame at a time because that's the most efficient way to process frame based production formats. You cannot and never have been able to do multi-pass rendering with the Output Module (via the render cue). That's why Adobe introduced the Adobe Media Encoder. Dedicated software designed to render compressed output for distribution. It's all a matter of using the right tools.

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                            donbarrum Level 2

                            I agree, but some times you work with programs or clients that doesn't agree with that. F.example I do a lot of stage set animations in after effects, were the client uses Mac Pros and Qlab for the simpler shows. For some strange reason Qlab doesn't like the mp4 container and you often get stutter and playback problems if the format isn't h.264 .mov. Of course Qlab is a limited program and they should not have these problems, but when you are not able to render .mov H.264 movies in After Effects or AME at all, it does create quite a bit of problems. And this is just one of the cases that I personally encounter, I'm sure others have experienced different problems. So its not a question of what you should or should not do, its what you have to do to please clients. And, a software package like Adobe should not be the FIRST to completely remove the ability - because their tools are used in a TON of different types of productions.

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                              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              I have a similar workflow that is impacted by the removal of QT H264.  I produce a lot of content for live productions, many using QLab or PVP for playback, and both seem to prefer QT H264 over MP4 H264.   As you say, the latter results in stuttering, dropped frames etc.


                              Now, logic suggests that the issue is with the payback software, I get that.  But it doesn't change the fact that i know a LOT of people who have been impacted by Adobe's somewhat sudden decision to drop format support.  I pride myself in keeping reasonably aware of the goings on in this industry, but I was shocked by the short phase out.  Clearly the producers of QLab and other have not adapted their platform yet.


                              To get around the issue I have a standalone machine frozen in time (OS X 10.6.8) that allows me to run old software and encoders.  Even DVD Studio Pro occasionally.


                              I celebrate advancement and change, I really do. I'm the first guy on the block to buy new gadgets, apps and tools.  I invest a lot of time in learning new software tools and gear.  But I believe we are seeing advancement over function too often lately.


                              Apple is by far the worst offender.  I've had a USB-C MacBook Pro for two years, but just this month was the very first time I received a peripheral that was native USB-C.  Every single peripheral I've plugged into that laptop, every ethernet cable, every external display, every thumb drive, has required an adaptor.  I like that Apple try to stay ahead of the curve, but this was a big misstep.  They went too early.  Don't get me started on their software changes.


                              I don't want to see Adobe go the same way.  Professionals need strong advisement, advanced warning that allows redevelopment of peripheral software and hardware, well before sweeping changes are made.  I don't think we got that this time.

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                                Derjis Level 3

                                We rarely work with QT formats any more, so this tip might be hopelessly out of date; have you tried exporting h264 MP4s and just changing the file extension to .mov? We used to do that all the time, and rarely (if ever) had a problem.

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                                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  I can confirm that that almost always works.