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    Impossible Customer Service


      I just had the most frustrating discussion with a customer service representative! We recently added a person to our teams account and deleted a person from our team's account. After this process was completed we noticed that our Adobe Stock account no longer had all the images and licenses that we had been paying for over the last year. I reached out to our account manager only to discover that person was no longer there and the phone number we had was no longer working. I then called the main customer service number to ask for help finding out what might have happened. The CSR was incredibly unhelpful, could not... or more likely would not let me speak to a supervisor, and could not give me a phone number of the new account manager assigned to our account. As a company, we spend a large amount of money with Adobe and the fact that it is next to impossible to get any type of help with your account is RIDICULOUS AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. As the creative director of our company, I would jump ship if we could but the user products are great and the industry standard. But... their customer service is THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!!! I don't think even the worst airline (Spirit Airlines) is as bad as these people. Why do they not value their customers enough to provide REAL customer service? Incredibly disappointed with Adobe!