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    Photoshop jumping to edge when zoomed in using any tool on wacom intuos tablet


      -every time using any tool that requires holding the pen down (e.g. pen tool, marquee tool, all "click-and-drag" style tools like), photoshop doesn't respond correctly

      -instead the view of the canvas jumps over to the edge and will not be moved back

      -this only happens when zoomed in

      -these issues do not happen when mouse instead of tablet is being used

      -scrollbars on side of canvas turn white any time pen is held down, if that's any indication of what's happening

      -makes photoshop basically impossible to use

      -Have uninstalled and reinstalled drivers for tablet (wacom intuos)

      -Problem stops when holding down side button of pen (right click) however this has the downside of bringing up different context menus etc. (as would be expected from right clicking something)


      Any help would be greatly appreciated