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    Acrobat Hangs When Opening More Than One PDF


      I'm running Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017, version 2017.011.30079 on macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.4 on a 2017 MacBook Pro.


      When I open the first PDF in Acrobat everything works fine. The Acrobat application works fine. I see the PDF in a tab. When closing Acrobat after viewing the PDF, Acrobat is slow to close but does so after 5-10 seconds.


      The problem I have is when opening multiple PDFs. The scenario is this:


      1. I double-click on PDF file in Finder to open it
      2. The Acrobat application opens with the PDF shown in a tab and everything is working fine
      3. I double-click second PDF file in Finder to open it
      4. The Acrobat application hangs with the spinning beach ball within Acrobat window
      5. I right-click on the Acrobat application in dock and it shows "Application is not responding"
      6. I open Activity Monitor, select the View CPU tab and it shows "Acrobat Pro 2017 (Not Responding)", it shows little if any CPU consumption and it appears to be waiting
      7. I have to do a Force Quit to free Acrobat from its hung status


      I noticed this is a problem only at my work location. From other locations everything works as it should. So I'm thinking a network-related issue of some sort.


      Today, at my work location, I discovered that if I drop my network connection (yank the RJ45 hardwired connection or turn WiFI off when using the wireless network) when Acrobat appears to be hung, that it frees itself and opens the 2nd PDF in a new tab as it should. Again, confirmation that the issue is network dependent.


      Does anyone have any insight as to why Acrobat would need to access the Internet when opening another PDF? Any clue as to why this would be network related? Is my corporate firewall perhaps blocking access to some site that Acrobat needs to access?


      I have de-installed and re-installed Acrobat 2017 several times. I also opened a trouble ticket with Adobe and they remotely accessed my system to troubleshoot. Though they observed the problem they didn't resolve it.