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    Sound is not synced when I import .dng files to AE

    tribambuka.48953423 Level 1

      Hi! I have a lot of green screen footage, and I need to open it in AE to key the green out. When I open it, I have import the audio file separately. And it doesn't sync with the video! I checked the frame rate, it was shot on 25 fps, but if I import it and create a composition after - it opens as 30fps. But If I create the composition first and set the frame rate to 25 - the result is still the same, sound not synced... Please help! I've been fighting with this footage for a week already... Tried importing it to Premier Pro, the sound is ok and the frame rate is 25 fps, but I can't get as good results with the green screen, and can't adjust the colours when opening raw files.