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    Attaching MovieClips not in the library

      I'm just coming back to Flash after not using it for a few years, and I'm struggling with a particular aspect of ActionScript 2 (I'm still using Flash 8). I am creating something along the lines of an image grid or "video wall" of still images. The image grid will randomly show different images, and I want any cell in the grid to have access to the full array of images to choose from.

      I want to dynamically load in the individual PNG bitmap files from the server to facilitate swapping them out, rather than baking them into a SWF. At the root level, I've managed to use MovieClipLoader to load my PNG files into a dynamically generated array of MovieClips. My image grid is a bunch of instances of of a MovieClip which contains a mask, decorations, and a placeholder MovieClip for the images.

      What I can't figure out how to do is attach the PNGs to the placeholder clips. It seems like my two options are attachMovie and attachBitmap. However, both of them require you to specify a linkage ID to a library asset, which I do not have- I have an array of MovieClips not contained in the library!

      I'd really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.