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    Muse Blog

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      Hi, I think that you can help me with the Muse Blog widget using BC. What I have to do to have the Muse Blog CMS in my website? Do you have any step-by-step manual? I'm a rookie user and Its very difficult to me to implement this. Can you help me please? I really appreciate this. Thank you in advance.

      @rodolfop11153548 the Muse Blog widget I think you are talking about is the free v1 from Qooqee and if so then that is not something I recommend using... Qooqee has a v2 of this widget which you can read about here Muse Blog/CMS v.2


      p.s, the blog system I use myself is the Publiz one here https://www.publiz.com/

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          Thank you for your response.

          In fact, I bought the Muse Blog CMS v.2. but I don't know how to implement it.

          1) I created a Muse website

          2) I published it with BC

          3) I bought Muse Blog v.2

          4) What is next?

          I would like really to implement a blog in my website.

          I must to confess that I'm a rookie and not talented user.

          Have you the steps for?


          Thank you again.