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    Presets a total mess in Lightroom 7.3

    gs55194921 Level 1

      Adobe work with us here. You just pushed an update that makes a total mess of everyone presets, even though you were notified of problems during the beta. We all like new features but come on. Is this programming school?


      First, presets are changed to XML without asking. Ok, I see where they're going with the more compatible format and it has potential. But it's like Adobe did not even bother to see if it worked. Sure favorites are cool, but along with them, we are stuck with even more clutter of default preset folders and no way to remove them even though your customers have been asking for years.


      Worse, Presets are randomly out of order inside their folders. It does not even make sense the random they are arranged. It's chaos for the LR organization many of us have developed over the years.


      Next, the "Show Lightroom Presets" button in preferences still goes to the old presets folder and the original presets are there but no longer show up in because Lightroom is looking for the converted XML presets that are now in the Camera Raw folder. You didn't even bother to update the button? From what I can tell new presets installed in that official location will not only not show up, there is no way to convert them after the initial update.


      I have thousands of photographers using preset packs I design. At this time I'm going to downgrade my working projects and recommend that people do not update until we have a solution for these blatant issues. I'll start tinkering for a temporary solution and everyone, please share if you have any until Adobe fixes this. Thanks.

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