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    프린트시 세팅창에 나타나는 사진의 화질

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      프린트(ctrl+p)시 프린트세팅창을 24인치모니터크기에 맞게 확대 후 사용하는데 얼마전부터 프린트(ctrl+p)시 프린트세팅 프리뷰창에 나타나는 사진이 선명하게 보이질 않고 흐릿하게 나타납니다.

      주로 4X6인치 사이즈 용지에 인쇄를 하는데 크게 불편한 것은 없지만 전에는 선명하게 나왔었는데 업데이트이후 이런 현상이 생깁니다.

      다른 PC에서도 동일한 현상입니다.

      해결방법이 있는지요?

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          Do not use the Print  Preview to judge your image's quality the preview is a scaled view of you image not your actual image.  Judge your images in Photoshop view at 100% zoom to see your image actual pixels. Also keep in mind the your Display's DPI is not your Print DPI the image on your display will most likely be larger and less sharp then your print will be.  Make sure you have a goon number of Pixels to print a high resolution image.   For a 4" x 6"  300DPI image you need to have  at least 1200px by 1800px high quality pixels.    Print Resolution is the print pixel size.



          You cans have more Pixels.  Printers can print pixels any size up to theists max resolution.  The printers DPI setting is a  quality setting not the images resolution. If you have 2400px by 3600px  printing at a 600DPI resolution would produce the same 4" by 6" print to tour eyes because your  eyes can not resolve down to the print pixels size of 1/600 x 1/600 of an inch  360,000 pixels per inch you can resolve down to 300 dpi  90,000 pixel per inch.