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    Canon 6 D mark 1 RAW / LR 3.6


      Hi folks,


      I have some outdated gear and software that has worked beautifully for the last decade, so haven't really upgraded much....until the other day.


      I shoot with a Canon 7d and use Lightroom 3.6 on OS 10.6.8 Macbook Pro to edit a lot of my travel/wedding stuff.


      I recently got a killer deal on a Canon 6d mark 1 and have discovered that my LR 3.6  is unable to process download RAW files from the Canon 6d. JPEGS are downloading without incident.


      I have a wedding next week and would like to figure out a solution to still shoot in RAW that hopefully doesn't involve buying a new laptop / lightroom.


      What version of LR do I need to be able to process RAW files from Canon 6d Mark 1


      Many thanks for your assistance


      Pete Brennan