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    Migrating catalog from Lightroom 5 to Classic CC




      I have tried unsuccessfully to migrate my Lightroom 5 catalog to the new Classic CC.

      Everything I read tells me to install a trial of Lightroom 7, update the catalog; then I should be about to migrate the newer version of the catalog.

      Is it still possible to install Lightroom 7? I can't find it.

      Or is there another option?


      Thank you


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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          You must subscribe to a 'Photography' plan to upgrade to LR-Classic CC  (v7.3 just released)

          You install or update Lightroom Classic-CC by using the Creative Cloud Desktop App.

          LR Classic-CC is currently otherwise known as Version 7.3  (There is no Version 7 Perpetual 'stand-alone')

          To 'Update' a Catalog (LRCAT file) you can Double-click the Catalog used in LR5  to 'open' it with LR-Classic-CC 7.3 and a copy will be made, the copied catalog updated to work with LR Classic-CC v7.3, and "-2" will be added to the updated Catalog name.


          (Note: an updated Catalog for LR-Classic is not backwards compatible with LR5, but you have the original LR5 catalog untouched, backed up- i hope!!)