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    Previews keep corrupting


      We have a catalog of old family photos and recent wedding photos in Lightroom CC Classic. While perusing the older photos recently, we noticed that some of them have corrupted preview images. If we switch to Loupe view, some of these corrupted images display normally, and some do not. In one folder that had several affected images, I went to Library menu > Previews > Render Standard-Sized Previews. When this completed, more images had preview corruption. I navigated to the images on disk. They are on Drobo 5N NAS which is wired to our home network. The MAC we're using is also wired. The finder does not render the previews for many of these files eihter, but when opened, they all display normally, except one which we believe to actually be corrputed. I opened and saved one file that would not preview in Finder, but did display correctly when opened. After the save, the preview in finder appeared correct. I brought my Windows 10 PC over and hard wired in. I connected to the drobo and all the images that did not preview properly in Finder appeared correct in Explorer's preview, except the known corrupt image.


      My questions are these:

      1: Does Lightroom have issues with one catalog haveing folders across multiple drives? We have some stored on a local directory, and others on the DROBO NAS.

      2A: Does anyone use a Drobo 5N as a primary storage location for your catalog? Have you had any image corruption issues? Do your images load quickly? If not

      2B: If not Drobo, how about any other NAS?

      3: It's my understanding that lightroom does absolutely 0 modification to the original file, so if a corrupting issue arrises on the original file, it is highly unlikley that lightroom is the culprit. Is that correct?

      4: Why are images that appear to be OK on Windows not previewing/loading properly in MAC?

      5: Why does lightroom keep having issues previewing these files?