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    iPhoto import stalls at approx. 1000 pictures or 2045-ish threads...




      trying to import an iphoto library with more than 60000 pictures into Lightroom Classic CC (7.3) using the supplied iPhoto-plugin on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.4. I have been playing with various options to reduce the workload for the plugin, but the result is the same. After importing around 1000 pictures the import process stalls. Looking in the Apple Activity Monitor I can see that Lightroom has hit 2045-ish threads. To end the pain I hit the ready button in the import plugin, watch Lightroom become unresponsive, and force quit the application. When restarted, I can see that the 1000 pictures have been added to the library.


      To me it looks like a possible technical issue with the plugin, maybe there are two threads created for each picture being imported, and those threads are not being killed off after completing its work. Once the application hits a limitation (perhaps of stack space) no more threads can be created and the import process stalls?


      So if anyone has some suggested workarounds it would be very much appreciated. I would also appreciate if someone from Abobe would chime in, since it does look like a possible technical issue in the plugin.


      Keep up the good work,