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    Photoshop CC 2018, "freeze Crash" on Selection Tool/Lasso Tool


      Hi Adobe,


      Before my computer started lagging with photoshop CC (see my other post Photoshop CC 2018 unusably slow, brush lagging, Windows 10 ), it had and still has a crash when I am trying to select things. This crash occurs both before the latest patch and after.


      When I use any of the lasso tools to make a selection the program has a tendency to freeze if I click too quickly, and it never recovers. I've waited about 15 minutes and it remained frozen all that time. Not the computer, just photoshop. It's happened to me 6-8 times so far and always happens with the lasso tool/polygonal lasso tool which are what I use. Haven't tried the magnet.


      I've learned to always save before using the lasso tool and expect it to crash. To recover I control+alt+delete and close the app.


      Any help?