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    Anybody having trouble with PNG's with the new Update of Premier Pro 2018 April 3rd?

    DanielZapata Level 1

      I cant get Premier to read PNG's, I make them in Photoshop and export them as PNG's but when they come in Premier is all the weird crap.

      I already clear the cache, re installed, re exported, started  new project, I cant get it t work! WHAT THE CRAP IS HAPPENING!!!


      This are two pictures of PNG's it is one title, but Premier is merging all the PNGS in to one picture, same with the one below, it suppose to say TIPS on crussing, not all that weird color and reverse shadow going on.... this is totally wrong!! Screenshot 2018-04-04 10.33.42.pngScreenshot 2018-04-04 10.33.54.png

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