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    fonts changing to symbols


      I can create multiple pdfs from autocad 2017 that look perfect alone.  When I combine them using Acrobat 2017 it'll change the 'Notes' from a standard arial font to symbols and characters.  Any help is appreciated.  Windows 8.1 -  

      My first action was to reinstall acrobat...nothing changed.  Next, I went back through all my AutoCad layouts and switched any and all fonts to Arial.  This proved to work for a little while but now we are back in the same situation.

      I recently sent my individual pdfs to a fellow architect and he was able to combine them without a hitch.  He is on windows 10.

      Even when I was combining and not having problems I had a customer with a Mac system that could not read the font.  That is what lead me to switch all font's to a universal standard Arial.  I have figured out a work around for now.  When I combine them even tho the text is symbols I can then print to PDF and it will lock in the original fonts.  Not that big of issue just another step

      Are my files somehow being encrypted??? 

      thanks in Advance