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    Single image on demand GONE

    ZUM creative

      For the last several years, and as recent as four days ago, I was able to buy a single standard image for $9.99.  Today I am forced to sign up for a subscription??  I just spent over an hour trying to get help through customer support (that's an entirely frustrating experience in and of itself).  Support first told me I have to have a subscription.  When I pointed out that there are credit packs available, they said "oh yea you can also do credit packs." 


      I find it hard to believe Adobe would eliminate the on demand image option without first notifying customers.  I don't need or want 3 images a month.  Adobe, please help.

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          twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

          Hi Jack,


          I apologize for the poor experience and can understand your concern and agree that there are certain situations wherein you would just need a single image and not the complete plan.


          I just checked your account details and noticed that the single assets which you were able to license come under the "overage" license. It means that you can purchase an extra image once you have used up the available licenses for the month.

          Note: If you exceed your subscription entitlement for the month, you will be prompted to purchase an on-demand “overage” license. Your overage license cost is a discounted rate based on your subscription plan.

          You may also refer to Common Questions about plans, purchasing, and availability, Adobe Stock for more information.


          We do not offer single image purchase now. The smallest subscription plan which you can purchase is the 3 standard assets a month which can be cancelled any time and does include an annual commitment.


          Since there is no such plan available as per your requirements, I would advise you to check out credit packs offer.


          You can check the pricing for credit packs here: Adobe Stock pricing and membership plan | Adobe Stock


          Please see Credit packs for Adobe Stock  for more details.


          Feel free to update this thread in case of any additional questions.




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            ZUM creative Level 1

            I respectfully disagree.  I don't have a monthly plan.  My purchases have nothing to do with "overages" and available licenses for the month.  How do you explain that I have purchased dozens of on demand photos for $9.99 without a monthly plan?  I had this same trouble with on demand not working about a year ago and Adobe was able to reset something.  Could you please look into this further for me?

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              Sheena Kaul Adobe Employee

              Hi Jack,


              I understand the situation here but in our recent modifications done for the single image purchases, we've discontinued the single image purchase option for all the users.

              Currently, the most flexible option is to buy a pack of 5 credits, which can be used to license 5 standard images any time over the next 12 months.




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                Sandra MacPherson Level 1

                I want to add my displeasure to Adobe's change in licensing. I'm a Creative Cloud user and pay my monthly subscription fee for the use of your software. I also buy stock imagery, but do so on an image by image basis. I'm not in the least bit interested in having to tie myself to another subscription plan with Adobe, considering there are so many other stock sites available. Understand, I buy stock from Adobe because it's convenient to do so, not because I believe it's better than, say… istock. As I did before AdobeStock came along, I will focus my image searches with istock and the other competing stock imagery suppliers.