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    The new April update for h.264 hardware accel. support not working..

    종호한54521504 Level 1

      I noticed a few threads about this topic but not w/ a solid answer.

      I am running on i7-7700HQ with a 32GB of ram, with GTX 1060 6G,

      I updated PPro, AME and found out both had h.264 accel. settings on export.

      But however AME refuses to switch from Software Only and says that no hardware is detected.

      Plus, on PPro, I could select between the hardware and software, but it showed an error that

      My system's hardware does not support hardware accel. for the current setting

      when trying to select h.264 with VBR 2 Pass and CBR

      it only works for VBR 1 Pass and I just want to know why.

      I export a lot of videos on h264 and I would really appreciate it if this problem is fixed.


      I found out I can't even select High10 profile with hardware acceleration

      with the same not supported hardware error


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