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    Learning scripting for Photoshop

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      Hi all,


      A few artists that I work with have been asking me a lot about how to learn how to write scripts for Photoshop. I decided to put a full Javascript for Photoshop tutorial series together which may interest anyone asking questions on here. A lot of the questions that are being asked are completely addressed.


      If anyone is interested, you can check it out at www.photoshopscripting.com.au. The discount code of LRNJS4PS can be used if you want to save 25 percent.


      I am happy to answer any and all questions for students of these tutorials and you will also gain access to a community reserved for the tutorial members,





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          James Please read the forum Guide lines.  Guidelines & Tips for the Adobe Forums

          You have been a member for years here and this is your first contribution.  How would one know you know anything about Photoshop?


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