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    Dangles, hair bounce, gravity, v1.5 (bouncing much more than before)

    alank99101739 Level 4

      Trying out 1.5 it feels like like hair dangles bounce more. Here is exactly the same scene before 1.5 (I had a saved video file) and after. Note: changing the Dangle/Strength value seemed to have no effect. The hair at the front is 3 sections with 2 dangles each.


      Is this expected? Is there any way to control the amount of bounce?



      The old effect of walking. If you look closely, you can see some movement in the fringe (but not much). This is was generated in the previous release.

      1-2-04 OLD.gif


      The new walking impact shows a lot more bounce. Increasing gravity drags hair down more at front (as you would expect) but no impact on amount of bounce. Changing the Dangle/Strength from 1 to 200 has no effect I can notice as to the degree of bounce. This is v1.5.

      1-2-04 NEW.gif