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    how to call a function defined inside a module loader

      I wanna know...the method of calling a function defined inside a module loader component?
      <mx:ViewStack id="myViewStack" >
      <mx:Canvas id="Mgmt1">
      <mx:Label text="Gopher"/>
      <mx:Canvas id="Mgmt2" >
      <mx:Label id="gopherlbl" top="-2" left="0" height="40"/>
      <CustomComp:MgmtGrid id="ManageCom"/>
      <mx:Canvas id="Admin">
      <mx:ModuleLoader id="adminModule" url="{adminModUrl}" width="100%" height="100%" />
      where adminModUrl="admin.swf";
      Thru the MangeCom id reference,I am able to call the fucntion defined inisde the CustomComponent File MgmtGrid...But I am unable to call the funciton defined inside adminModule ModuleLoader...(using id reference).Anyone pls suggest a solution for this..