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    Cannot update Photoshop in closed proxy environment

    cpcent Level 1

      I can't seem to be able to update photoshop (Adobe Photoshop CC 19.1.1) in a closed proxy environment (i.e. our firewall blocks all traffic that does not pass through the proxy). When attempting to update the software via the GUI I see an error stating that it is not possible to connect to Adobe Servers. There is nothing of interest in the proxy log files, which leads me to believe that photoshop for whatever reason is bypassing the proxy (i.e. ignoring local proxy settings) and is trying to update directly to external Adobe servers. As a matter of fact, when I open up the firewall to allow the client to connect directly to the internet (with proxy settings still in place) Adobe Photoshop is able to update normally. Leaving the firewall open like this obviously is not a long-term solution. Is there any way to force photoshop to update via a proxy server?