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    Indesign ePub sound issue with Publish online

    josianes88382511 Level 1

      I created an ePub book with animations, and sound. The ePub version works perfectly (sound/animation), then I had to make another version for the publish online ( will be embed to our website eventually). The problem was, when I was converting my ePub to publish online directly, sound was going on before showing the actual page, for example, on the first page we would hear the next 4 pages almost at the same time. Even if, I adjusted the timing, it was still playing not at the right time.


      I solved this problem by inserting play/pause buttons for the sounds. It was working perfectly fine last week, and now this week, some pages don't play sound at all.

      But in the ePub preview in InDesign, everything is working perfectly fine.


      I tried to make it work in different version of indesign, and it's not successful...