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    Updated and now have error occurred when attempting to change modules

    bradwine Level 1

      Been using LR Classic fine and all has been great. Did the most recent update and now my LR has an error message on startup.

      Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 4.35.21 AM.png

      I can click OK and open LR still. However then I see nothing until I click Library and Develop a few times and start to see some of the Library and they are all there from my previous work. Other issues that are showing up now after this update are the photos don't show up in Develop mode or if they do and you click right or left to move to the next image nothing happens.


      Finally the last issue is I'm now unable to import anything into LR and always have a screen saying the files weren't able to be placed?


      Any help is appreciated as this is of course effecting work production as I can't edit or import things. Can I go back to the previous version for now?