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    Updating to Premiere Pro Cc 2018 12.1.0 turned my footage upside down...

    IanH01 Level 1

      Remarkable, after 10 years or so of using Premiere pro, this is my first post...

      However, it's not been smooth sailing all those years but I'm an advanced enough user to find my way around most issues that arise...

      but not this!

      This is the first time that I'd say Premiere has been truly broken! 


      So the fail:

      I have a project which uses a whole host of smartphone footage, a vox pops of around 40 people who say a few words each. Anyway, previous incarnation of Premiere dealt with this easily - I had a few items which weren't showing up in our viewing sessions using basic file player apps, but Premiere showed them all, no muss no fuss, just got on an edited it.


      Then I Updated to 12.1.0 and when reviewing the project it shows some of the footage upside down... for no reason I can fathom ( although I suspect it no longer auto corrects orientation of mp4s)...hmmm a bug you'd think.

      So a quick uninstall and reinstall of 12.0.0, the version that worked)...and now that footage is no longer available. It can't be re-linked and it can't be viewed. So my project which luckily I already delivered to the client, is broken, and if they come back for changes I'm think I'll need to EDL the project over to...God forbid..FCP or maybe Avid?


      I've checked all the footage with windows 10 video player app (sheesh!) and even that can see the files fine, but Premiere? It can't see the files at all !


      Something big got broken here and as usual it's all quiet on the Adobe front.


      If anyone can help out here great, but I suspect this is a mystery to all but Adobe.