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    April Lightroom Classic CC update to v7.3 not available (Win10)

    markusb886 Level 1



      Everyone's talking about the April update of Lightroom (April Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw Releases: New Profiles and More | Adobe Blog). There's lots of screenshots, lots of Youtube videos etc. Everyone seems to have updated Lightroom Classic CC to v7.3 so it must already be available.


      Everytime I check for updates in the Creative Cloud application it tells me this:

      2018-04-05 18_46_04-Creative Cloud.jpg

      "Keine Updates" is German for no updates and "Aktuell" means latest or up to date.


      Here you can see I still run Lightroom Classic CC v7.2 (taken from Lightroom's system information):

      2018-04-05 18_46_57-Systeminformationen.jpg


      I'm using Windows 10 and live in Germany, if that might be of any importance.


      Can anyone help me in figuring out why there's no update available to me?


      Thank you in advance and best regards