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    Live View doesn't reflect changes to script

    phillip914 Level 1
      I am having trouble with Dreamweaver CS4 Live View. I am working with a web site that was designed with PHP. I downloaded and installed XAMPP and moved my files to a folder in //localhost. Everything seems to be set up correctly, because when Live View is first turned on, everything appears correctly. All CSS, scripts, and related php files show up in the window. However, when I make changes to the code and refresh the Live View window (I've used F5 and the refresh button) nothing changes. If I turn Live View off and then on again, the changes will appear. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong that keeps Live View from updating as changes are made?

      This is not isolated to one specific page. This behavior is consistent with every PHP page I've opened.

      Thanks for any help you can offer!!