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    Files Corrupting After Being Open Several Hours

    dslawrence22 Level 1

      Hello, I am having a problem here where having a large pdf open for a few hours is causing the files to become corrupt and get errors such as "Insufficient Data For an Image," "Unknown Error Has Occured," and "Problem Reading the Document." Sometimes the page goes white and there is no error message attached. I have noticed that this error occurs only when the file is opened from a network share location.


      This was a problem before and Adobe has released a patch that is supposed to fix this issue, but did not fix for us. I have also read a thread with a similar issue that mentioned the issue was with a GPO setting which we have verified is not the case.

      PDF pages go blank

      Insufficient data for an image


      Here is the troubleshooting that I have tried so far:


      -Uninstall from windows uninstaller and reinstall from PDQ and patch manually

      -Uninstall with Adobe Cleaner and reinstall from PDQ and patch manually.

      -Uninstall with Adobe Cleaner and reinstall from Adobe .exe (with a trial) and patch manually.


      I have the exact same files open right now on my local machine and they have not corrupted for around 24 hours.


      Not sure what else I could do at this point and any help would be appreciated.