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    Tool for finding shots for an overcut / restoration etc.

    Ned Suohevets Level 1

      We regularly reassemble /overcut older works.   There are a number valid reasons to do this. 


      A specific example is a documentary film, with interviews shot on film, but where the final version of the documentary feature was edited / assembled in SD (as was the spec at the time).


      We now have HD transfers of these original interviews, and are using them to create a new, HD version of the documentary feature. 


      It takes a great deal of time to comb through the raw interview footage to find the specific shots used in the final production, and we have experimented with a number of techniques to make it go more quickly. 


      So my question is this: given advances in software's ability to match images (and sound for that matter)  ...think TinEye  reverse image lookup, or even Shazam, I would think that someone might have created a plugin etc. that can take an image (or short clip) and search for it in a designated bin of footage, even though things like resolution, time-code, frame rates, etc. have no relation to one another.


      I am hoping that the answer is "Moron! It's already in Premiere...go to File>>> etc etc", but I fear I am condemned to hours of looking at all the footage to fine the small bits that made in.