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    Novice in GIFs seeks advice   ♀️


      Hi, I'm trying to make a GIF, of a picture, of a lighting device. The GIF is to show off the lighting effect. I think a gif of a video would be better, but this client wants a gif of a picture.

      For the still images, I use a bunch of layer adjustments to create the light effect. Layer adjustments aren't translating over to GIF format. So, instead of an actual photograph, I just made a vector illustration of this device because I figured it would transfer to GIF from PNG a lot better.


      Here's a WIP of the GIF.

      The biggest problem I'm having is The center dot of the red light.






      Here's a screenshot of my Save for Web settings.

      Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 4.47.05 PM.png


      And finally here's the original failed GIF. If anyone has a solution for that I would go for that too!




      Thanks in advance if you can help

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          I'm not sure what you are aiming at with the red dot effect.  Do you want the LED to show through as seen here?

          If you can demonstrate that with a still image that is still 8bit RGB, then it will be clearer how to get from there to a 256 colour GIF.


          The obvious thought is that layer blend modes would do the trick, but I can't remember if I have used them in frame animations before, and how they translate.  What does look like a possible problem, is achieving nice gradients with such a low bit depth.


          Do you have any file size issues?  What is the GIF's pixel size, and will it be used on a website?  Your first frame animation is 1000 x 666 pixels, has 283 frames, and a file size over 7Mb.  When I started doing this stuff, that was a 20 minute to half hour download, and still likely to lag for a lot of people before it start playing.

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            missmagenta Level 1

            Hi! Yes, I need that center LED to shine through. And that part looks ok on the IRL gif, but the side lights look kind of horrible on that version. Probably because my layer adjustments didn't translate to GIF very well. The file size is a little big, but I can make it down. It's more being able to show off the "Lighting Effect" somewhat realistically.