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    Flash Player 9.0.124 Security Killing Me

    shawnyale Level 1
      Hello all;
      I am not a system admin but I am responsible for moving our projects up to the servers and developing. I have recently built a rather neat project using the import web service(WSDL) tool from a .Net web service project and noticed that it was running fine on my local box. I moved it to a dev server and we began to notice that certain browsers would display fine and others would not. After an entire day, I have finally realized that it was due to the version of Flash player that was running in each browser.

      I have read all of the documents that were posted at the head of this forum, and think I have done everything correctly. I even went back and installed Flash 9.0.124 on both Firefox and IE on my local machine hoping that Flex Builder would give me some help in why my application was stalling out when it connected to the web service site.

      I have added the following to my crossdomain.xml file in the web service site:

      Can someone tell me exactly what else I need to do? We are running Windows Server 2003 if that helps. Do I need to set up a web site on port 843 to do the socket policy thing? We don't have any great national secrets or anything, we just need my Flex project to connect to a web service and pull back some data.

      The code I included is in a crossdomain.xml file located at the root of the web service project, and the same code is in the root of my Flex .Net container project, and practically every other place I can think to put it.

      Thank you so much! And if you can get me straight by tomorrow morning, I'll owe you a case of beer. BTW I even tried doing the permitted-cross-domain-policies="all" everywhere and that didnt work either.