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    Work Flow Using Classic & Mobile


      I'd love to hear some work flow/file management solutions out there for using Lightroom Classic while syncing with Mobile. When I'm home, I use Lightroom Classic. But at work, I'm asked to take pictures on the side for our company's Instagram account. In that case, I'm doing edits on my iPad Pro.


      What are the rest of you LR Classic/Mobile users doing? How are you keeping the files organized at home? AND... when it's time to close that Catalogue and create a new one, when do you make that decision and how do YOU go about doing it (archiving, cleaning up the cloud, etc)?

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          Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

          Generally at home I have my photos in master photos folder\year\shoot (date + description) folders. I used to have Classic put photos synced from my iPhone into this structure (set in Preferences on the LR CC Sync tab), but I didn't like how I would end up with tons of date folders with 1 or 2 photos in them. Now I have them all go into  an  iPhone Photos folder within my main 2018 images folder.


          I never close my main catalog and create a new one, and I recommend that most of my students don't (though I acknowledge that there are always exceptions to the rule, where it makes sense to.)