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    Is FlashPaper right for my needs?

      I have a CD-ROM menu I've built in Flash, which is compiled into an application with MDM's Zinc. In the menu, there's several links to separate legal documents in PDF format. You click the link, the PDF opens from the disk. Easy.

      Recently, there was a federal rule change and my client can no longer have separate documents on this disk and everything must now be in one PDF document. That creates a problem for me because they want the menu to now link to specific pages within the large PDF document. There is a way of doing this through Zinc but it's been very inconsistent when I've tested it. An associate recommended FlashPaper as a solution and thought I would be able to click a link in my menu and go to a specific page within the document.

      So, would FlashPaper be able to do what I need it to? Has anyone had any issues working with a compiler like Zinc? I see that FlashPaper is for PC only, will that be a problem for the menu since I developed it on a Mac?