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    Data Classes error persists in FLA

    tedalde2 Level 2
      I get this error no matter what I do when compiling an SWF:
      Scene 1, Binding between <unknown>.results.rss.....: The endpoint of the binding does not exist

      It occurs if I move the XML Connector and Data Set components around on the stage. They'll break their bindings, and I can fix that easily. But these errors stay inside the FLA.

      Even if I delete everything from the timeline, everything from the FLA library, Save and Compact, Delete ASO Files, close Flash, reboot, send the FLA to somebody else...

      ...the errors keep coming in the output window. Even in an empty FLA the AS2.0 classes takes up about 15K. Something is sticking in the FLA. I know the Data components are crap, but does anyone have a thought on how to fix this? Thanks.