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    Legacy Title Defaults


      I shoot primarily against a whiteboard. The default settings for a legacy title seem to be white background with white letters. Well, you can see the problem... Is there someplace you can change the defaults for background, font, font color, etc.? Thanks

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          RobShultz Adobe Community Professional

          The background should be transparent and not white.

          I don't believe that there is a way to set a default font in the legacy title but you can set title style template. If you create a text look that you like you can go to the wing menu (three lines) where the panel says Legacy Title Styles and select "New Style." That title look will be saved for you. You would just need to click on the title style before or after you've typed something.

          (Not as convenient as having a default but I believe that this is the closest option that we have.)

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            Stefan Gruenwedel Adobe Employee

            Furthermore, once you create a new style, its "Aa" thumbnail will appear at the end of the Legacy Title Styles stack/list. You can click it and then drag it closer to the top left so it's more easily found and clicked when you later create a new Legacy Title.