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    Clear Out Unused Watermark Profiles/Choices

    ow95637924 Level 1

      I have been using watermarks and finally decided to clean up the ones I actually use.  When I go to export a photo with a watermark, I go to the watermark section and select the watermark I would like to use.  The number of watermarks that I no longer use is large.  Can anyone tell me how to delete a watermark profile?  I have 15 different selections and actually only use 2.  One that is black and one that is white.  I would like to remove all the other selections.  I have tried to edit watermark, but here is NO option to remove any of the unused watermarks.  It is just a pain when I click on the arrow to change the watermark and I have to go through all the old selections.  Any help or ideas would be appreciated.