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    Clone Stamp


      Figured out earlier how to mark a Watermark.


      Now the Clone Stamp pulls that watermark image into new photos!!



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          Why would you use the clone stamp tool to watermark an image?  Simply place in your watermark and use the Place Transform to position and size your watermark for the new image.

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            Fred5 Level 1



            I created a Watermark from a .jpeg Logo.


            Now I'm trying to clean up the Original (Logo) and the Clone Stamp is pulling the watermark transparency and using that as the clone source.


            I'm a novice at this and suspect I did something incorrectly when I created the watermark.


            I've reset all the tools to the default setting and right now it seems to be working.



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              JJMack Most Valuable Participant

              Fred5  wrote


              I created a Watermark from a .jpeg Logo.

              Not a good way to make a Logo. 


              https://www.google.com/search?num=50&newwindow=1&ei=b-XGWqO2BI7s5gL6sZ3ADA&q=creating+logo s+in+photoshop&oq=creating+Log…

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                Fred5 Level 1

                OK you're insinuating that I'm not very sharp, which I already said I was a novice!


                So thanks for not HELPING!!!!

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                  JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                  I'm trying to help you should not create your logo from an Image file.   You should read up on creating logo get some information about what a logo file should be and know what you will be using your logo file for.    You should want your master logo document be one that can be easily worked on and one that you can resize well to any size the you my require.  Normally you want your logo made with vector graphics like text and shaped layers not raster pixel image layers.  I was simply stating you should not create your logo the way you are currently trying to.  I was not insinuating anything. If you knew how to create and logo you would not be asking for help.  Do you want help or not.

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                    Marja de Klerk Adobe Community Professional

                    The question was not about creating a logo, I think.

                    I'm not sure I understand your question about the clone stamp. But if you use the clone stamp in a new image you can make a new clone source by alt-clicking on the image. So the watermark image will not be pulled into the new photo's.

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                      c.pfaffenbichler Level 9

                      Could you please post a screenshot with the pertinent Panels (Layers, Channels, Options Bar, …) visible?

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                        Fred5 Level 1


                        Let me start over with my problem:


                        I'm a novice user with Photoshop CC. I mostly used the Clone Stamp within the vast basket of tools available.


                        I scanned a Logo into my computer as a .jpeg file. A picture so to speak.


                        I then wanted to take that scanned .jpeg and turn it into a watermark image to use on letterhead.


                        Being a novice and also 70 years old, the  on-line videos do not translate easily into my mind. My talents lie elsewhere.

                        At any rate. I was having difficulty turning that photo into a Watermark.


                        Somewhere along the line, I must have changed the Clone setting, because it was capturing an outlined Black and White image and using it as the Clone Stamp Source. I tried switching back and forth between pixels on the Clone Stamp Selector to no avail. It would not allow me to "pick" a new source.


                        My wife then graciously helped me and we decided that the best way (for me) was to use the Hue Saturation tab under Adjustments in the Layer Tab. This serves to create a faded image, not a true Watermark but useful enough for what I'm trying to do.


                        The problem however still existed with the Clone Stamp when I went to other pictures that I wanted to enhance. It seemed that no matter what I tried the CS wouldn't allow me to pick a new source and continued using the previous captured B&W image as the source.


                        That's when I turned to this forum for help..


                        Finally after a bit more research on-line, I reset all of the Tools, which seemingly fixed the captured image problem that existed.


                        Thank you!

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                          Fred5 Level 1

                          Thank you!


                          That wasn't the problem.


                          Somehow, I changed the ability to utilize the source for the Clone Stamp.

                          It kept using the previous B&W image as the source.


                          I believe after re-setting all of the Tools to the Fcatory Defaults, That problem has been resolved.



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                            Fred5 Level 1

                            Not sure how to do that but I think the problem has been resolved.


                            Thank you!

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                              c.pfaffenbichler Level 9
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                                JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                                Fred are ages are not far apart I'm  77.  I have used Photoshop for many years.  From experiance  I will tell you there are bugs in every version of Photoshop.  Still Photoshop is a good program but thinge go aray.  Sometime it is just a setting but not always.  Photoshop Prefernces can become corrupt and tools settings can become rembered.  


                                When Photshop stops woking Normally the first three things you sould do is.

                                1.) Check all the current tool settings in the tool option bar and any other setting the tool may use.

                                2.) Photoshop still not working correctly try resetting all Photoshop Tools.

                                3.) Photoshop still not working correctly try resetting you Userid Photoshop Preferences.


                                Corrupt Pteferencs can cause all sort of Problems.  Corrupt Preference can even cause Photoshop to fail to start.  Corrupt preferences is such a common problems Adobe created a startup Shortcut key to reset preferences and in the newer Photoshop versions Adobe added to button to reset preferences when you restart Photoshop in the Edit Preferences general section. 


                                Photoshop Pen tool takes some time to learn and master.   The new curviture pen tool make the a bit easer.  I still think you would be better off creating something like a custom shape for logo or even Photoshop text tools to create al large Logo with transparency you cans resize well. Here I use  the text tool and layer styles to create a large png file I came place on images using a Photoshop script that places in the logo sizes it and position it for the current imaged size.




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