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    Acrobat Pro DC - Out of memory and more...

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      We have problems with Acrobat Pro DC (windows 10). The client have a couple of instances of Acrobat open to cut and paste comments between them. The documents contains much text and images (PDF made in arbortext) . After 30 minutes to 2 hours she notice that the images doesnt update quickly enough and one of following error-messeges showed up and she hadnt the possibillity to save before Acrobat crashed. Some error have also showed up when she have open "simpel" PDF-documents.



      - Out of memory.

      - A drawing error occurred

      - There was an error processing an annotation or link. Out of memory.

      - There was an error opening this document. Out of memory.


      I think we have done all suggestions found on internet / repair / uninstall - install of Acrobat Pro DC / uninstall of Acrobat reader.


      I have listen to other acrobat-users in our plant and it seems to become a big issue.


      The problems begun a month ago (februari 2018) - could something in the patch affected...

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          AnandSri Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hello Enstedt,


          Sorry for the delayed response and inconvenience caused. Please install the latest patch/update of Acrobat from help>check for updates, reboot the machine after installing the updates and see if this brings any difference.


          Please try emptying the TEMP folder and see if that helps.

          This error usually occurs, if you run too many memory-extensive applications simultaneously. So try performing those redaction tasks after closing some of the background processes/applications.


          If the issue persists, please share the following details so that we can assist you in a better manner:


          Let us know how it goes and share your findings.



          Anand Sri.

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