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    Develop settings copy and paste options

    lokeshj2882 Level 1

      Upon working on a photo in lightroom , i copied the edits and pasted the same onto another similar picture . But now the entire collection took those develop settings and all the pictures changed automatically to the edits i pasted . tried control Z but the pictures not turning to their previous form . The entire collection is ruined . please guide me how can i get the original look of each picture i worked on . Dont want to reset my collection as i had worked on hundreds of pictures .


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          dj_paige Level 10

          The manual and slow method:


          Go to the Develop Module, then for each photo, click on the edit in the History panel that is just under the step where you pasted the settings accidentally.


          Yes, I know you have hundreds of photos in that collection, but this is far easier than re-editing all of those photos


          Maybe someone has a more automatic solution.

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