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    Swap out graphics that have popups

      For RoboHelp 7 HTML I have to replace all of the graphics in a RH 7 HTML project. These existing GIF images have lots of popups.
      I had to recapture every graphic and was told to use the PNG format.
      But, what are the mechanics to make the swap so that I do not lose the popups?
      (In RH 5, there was a built-in editor. I would open the image using the editor within RH. Then I copied the BMP file (unopened) from within Windows Explorer and then pasted it into RH’s image editor that had to old file open. It was so cool and easy.)
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Barbara

          Of course the simplest approach would be to simply save the image to the folder using the same file name and format as before. But seeing as how you are changing formats, the next approach is probably best.

          Just right-click the image and choose Image Properties from the context menu. Then point at the new image. Whatever you had linked should remain linked and shouldn't be altered. At least on my PC this is how it works.

          Cheers... Rick