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    LoadModule to viewstack

      Hello everyone,
      I need some help I have spend an entire day search/work on different possible solutions but none have worked.

      First off I created a module without my current app, then when I compiled it i started getting errors that I shouldn't I am guessing that becuase some where along the line while compiling the application name changes. I started getting at the following statement.


      util is an action script class and inside it I have a var called app = mx.Application.application as "app name";
      So I removed fthe module from the app and create a new project/app in Flex Builder and pointed its output to the current app.

      When compiled; all works. When I run it, loadModuel() seem to work, (I can't tell if it is or not). What I would like to do is load the Module and then add it to my main viewStack. So I can add it dynamically based on user login/request. Any Idea how to do so? (load a module and the add it to view stack, using script, not mxml).