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    Unable to Download to FireFox3

      Loaded the new FireFox3 browser and have been unsuccessfully trying to download Flash. The message I have is
      "close FireFox application". If I close FireFox then the program will not load ON FireFox???? Everything works fine on IE, but want to use Flash on FireFox. Any suggestions?
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          I'm having a similar problem. I downloaded the release version of Firefox 3. When I first visited a website with Flash content it said I needed to download the plugin. The plugin finder service dialog box comes up, I select install & the next screen says that no plugins were installed. I can finish or attempt a manual install. If I choose manual install it lets me install the most recent Flash player. However, when I restart Firefox & go back to a web page with Flash, the whole scenario replays.

          I tried just going directly to the download page & downloading the install & installing it. It seems to install, but still when I visit a Flash page, it says I need the plugin.
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            Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
            Try the Flash Player stand alone version for Firefox. You can search on the Google to download it.