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    Successive "Undo" activating Magnifying Tool?


      hello! im having an issue with my undo hotkey command unwantedly activating my Magnifying Lens tool; i have edited my hotkeys so that Ctrl+Z activates the infinite "Undo" command, but if i hit that hotkey quickly in succession to undo multiple strokes, suddenly the magnifying tool becomes activated?  I have tried snooping in the preferences to see what might be activating the magnifying lens tool but i cant even find it listed in the hotkeys or preferences. 


      i want to be able to undo a lot quickly (not with inhuman speed or anything that should confuse the program) without the magnifying tool becoming activated.  why is this happening?  can i fix this?  thank you


      here are some screencaps that hopefully help if this hasnt been clear enough; picture 1 shows the finished drawing, picture 2 shows the drawing after hitting the Undo hotkey once, and picture 3 shows the magnifying tool newly activated after "Undo-ing" multiple times via the hotkey quickly.